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Asiana Airlines
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Asiana Airlines

First Class
Asiana Airlines brand new premium service offers comfort and convenience unmatched in the world of aviation.
Your journey will be run at more relaxation, and the business quickly and efficiently. The overall goal of our service is elegance, give your trip.
Enjoy a comfortable and convenient service on the wing with Asiana Airlines.
Asiana Airlines offers first-class service, from the beginning of the journey continued to the end.
Travel will become an indispensable part of our daily life. The effort invested in the production of air travel more pleasant and comfortable are the core of an airline's competitiveness.
Asiana Airlines has extended the seats, which can be folded 180 degrees to ensure an experience for the sleeping comfort of the passenger. The passenger can enjoy the comforts of first class hotel beds available
In-flight snack service
In-flight snack
To spice up the in-flight dining experience Asiana Airlines is the best nutritionists and renowned restaurants together.
Asiana Airlines offers gourmet options with high-quality dishes from the best chefs, including "Kyoto kaiseki, a traditional Japanese dish and offered various snack options.
Traditional Japanese course meals were made in in-flight meals. Asiana Airlines serves the Kyoto Kaiseki "on flights from Tokyo to Incheon, providing sophisticated culinary experiences with the traditional cuisine of different regions.
Wine and Drinks
Asiana panel of top sommeliers, wine consultant and chaired the group Asiana customers choose the high quality wines to compete in quality events.
Fresh and elegant, high-quality Champagne, Cognac XO-class, fine whiskey, dessert wines and a variety of wines and beverages are available round the pleasure of a good meal.
In addition, Asiana Tea Garden is service, environmentally friendly coffee (Rainforest Alliance), and offers selected teas that meet the individual preferences of our customers.
Environmentally-friendly coffee in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance
Asiana Airlines worries about the global environment, even in a cup of coffee.
Asiana Airlines offers the best coffee in every sense of the world, as certified by the Rainforest Alliance. We serve coffee grown only dispense with environmentally friendly farming methods, the use of agricultural chemicals and insecticides.
Enjoy the beauty of real coffee to the full with beautiful people of Asiana Airlines.
To ensure a pleasant and convenient air travel offers Asiana Airlines First Class Sleeper a bed of down-filled duvet and a loose pajamas on demand, so customers can experience the comforts of home in the cabin.
In addition, a Bvlgari amenity kit for long-distance travelers in cooperation with Bvlgari given for the convenience of the customer. This top brand Giveaway is also the joy of the collection.
In addition, stationery and postcards available and basic medical supplies such as stomach pills and analgesics are also on hand at all times. With a special service for Asiana Airlines' customers develop, enjoy the comfortable air travel in the sky.
Other services
Other services AVOD Enjoy a large-sized monitor, a selection of 30 films and a free AVOD system. Flying with Asiana Airlines will bring you unlimited pleasure.
Elect the film, music, games and content of your choice using the AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) system.
You can stop and play at your discretion.
Their flying hours will appear shorter, while you enjoy watching the video on a large 15-inch monitor personal.
Do you feel alone in the sky with Asiana Airlines.
* Applicable Aircraft: All flights first class
Satellite phone you can make a call to someone on the ground with a satellite phone.
A. Advice of charge: USD 1.33 ~ 2 per 10 seconds.
B. Applicable Aircraft type: B747 (HL7428, 7418), B777 (HL7775, 7791)
find * For more details about the usage method to save the OZ entertainment magazine in the rack on the back of the front seat.
In the seat of Power A 110V power supply is for use only with laptops.
* Applicable Aircraft: All flights, first class (without HL7417)
SMS / e-mail can send and receive e-mail and SMS on the personal monitor and headphones in the booth.
1) Usage samples per time: $ 1.5
2) Payment: Credit Card
3) Supported languages: Korean and English
4) If aircraft type: B777 (HL7775, 7791)